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Useful information about Malta

Useful information about Malta

At the beginning of July I was in Malta and now, finally, here I am writing the first post about this trip. The things that I want to tell you are really a lot, but I start (as I often do) with a not very long post with which I share with you all the useful information about Malta that I have collected during my stay on the island.
Taxi from the airport: these have a flat rate that varies according to your destination. Inside the terminal you will find taxi counter where you should go to “book” your taxi and, at the same time, you have to communicate your final destination (the area) to pay the required fee. The person at the counter will give you a receipt on which it’s marked the number of the taxi that will take you and, after that, you can get in the “taxi queue” outside the terminal (don’t worry: when the taxi will arrive at the terminal the drive will look for you in the queue). From the airport to Sliema we paid 20 euro (10 per person).
Bus X2 and X3 are the two buses to the airport. I’ve used the X2 from Sliema and I recommend you to go to the bus stop on time;the bus passes once an hour (often on late) and it makes several “deviations” and in some places there is also some traffic.
Right-hand drive; they have a “english drive”, which is a little bit different from the driving in country as Italy, Spain, France and other countries. They have also a sporty driving (too much for me).
Bus: ticket for a single ride costs 1.50 € and you can take it directly from the bus driver (I recommend you to get on the bus with the exact money as they could not have the rest). If you already know how often you will take the buses,
Capolinea bus a Floriana I suggest you tu buy the Tallinja Card. There are two types of this card: 15€ for 12 trips (6€ if you travel at night) or the 21€ for unlimited travel for 7 days. We bought ours in a minimarket near our hotel. I recommend you to ask at the reception at your hotel). In public transport cold air-conditioning is kept very high at any time. I suggest you to always bring something to cover your shoulders and not die of cold! Bus Sliema – Valletta: there are several lines, in particular 13, 14 and 16. The terminus is in Floriana, in a huge square just in front of one of the entrances to Valletta (to be precise the one next to the new parliament).
Sockets: as the English ones. Do not forget to have with you an adapter to recharge your smartphone (and anything you need to charge) and also to use the hair dryer.
Cost of living: it definitely isn’t cheap (a simple pizza margherita costs a minimum of 7 euro and cigarettes start at a minimum of 5€). But with a little bit of attention it may be not too expensive.
Sliema: we stayed here and I must say that as a starting point Sliema is very convenient. Tower Road seems to be the main street of the area. There are (almost) all the hotels of the area, different access ways to the beaches and many the restaurants. From here we went almost everywhere without problems: there is always a bus you may take to reach your destination.
Spoken languages: the two main languages are Maltese and English. But I noticed that almost all the people understand Italian and many speak it well.

On the Internet I found a lot of information by reading several travel blogs. In particular I found two articles on Cristina’s blog “Parliamo di Viaggi” which have been very useful: one was about how to organize the journey and the other was about the best beaches in Malta, Gozo and Comino

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