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About me

About me

Camilla Areddia

I’m Camilla, class 1987, born and raised in Rome, where I also studied from elementary to university. From my parents I have taken the passion for traveling: I like to go around the world, to visit new places, to fall in love with each and every time of that country, and so leave a heartbeat every now and then. America, Spain, France, London (6 times !!) Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Tunisia, Greece, Turkey, Malaysia and Thailand are just some of the places around the world that I have visited in the races of the time. Of course, without leaving Italy, especially the downtown area (/north). I always try to take the best out of any travel experience, to let my side go out to learn from what I see and the cultures I meet. I always try to improve even to change and improve my way of traveling and I wanted to start telling my experiences to those who, like me, like to travel and seek new proposals and advice. I’ve also opened this blog so I can compare myself to those who have different ideas from me or those who do not know anything about the world, but would like to know (as I did) on the road.


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