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Bletchley Park – London Surroundings

Bletchley Park – London Surroundings

During my last trip to London (may 2016) I decided to go to visit Bletchley Park, a place that I discovered thanks to the film “The Imitation Game”.
Dizionari per le traduzioni Also known as Station X, Bletchley Park is situated in Bletchley town (about 75 km north-west of London) and it played an important role: during the Second World War the UK  cryptanalysis  main unit was working from Bletchley Park.
From here were deciphered codes and ciphers messages sent by countries of the “Axis alliance” (the best known code is the Nazi one, obtained with the Enigma machine and the Lorenz bitting machine). Those people who worked here, the day they entered in service had to sign, of course, a confidentiality agreement and they had to live there.
"scuola"How to get there: By train from London Euston. The “London midlands” trains arrive directly at Bletchley Park in about 50 minutes (ticket price: 20-22 pounds; It depends on what type of ticket you buy). "the mansion" It is also possible to get there from Milton Keynes, but it isn’t convenient if you are staying in London (you will lengthen the journey of about 20-25 minutes);- Entrance fee: 17.25 pounds (there are discounts for over 60, children and even for families).  – Audio guides: in 9 languages; Guided tours in English only. The checkout line is a little bit long, but it runs quite fast. Purchased your ticket, the cashier will give you a site map, but I think there is little need of it (it is done quite well).
Il lago di Bletchley ParkAlong the way there are many signs, explanations and maps that enable you to always know where you are within the estate and to decide how to continue your tour. The visit is divided between the gardens, very well kept and well maintained, and the interior of the “hub” and “mansion”, with exhibitions and reconstructions. You can see the machine built by Touring (the “bomb”), the dictionaries used to translate messages originally written in other languages, typewriters, and of course the Alan Touring office reconstruction. I visited the park and all buildings in a couple of hours, having a calm and long walk.
I macchinariI found an estate very well structured, very easy to visit for everyone, there are guided tours and there is a cafe where you can eat (you can choose from hot foods or simply a sandwich). In the garden there are some picnic tables for visitors’ use (even for food they eventually brought there from home). If you come here with your children there is also a playground.
I think that it’s also a child-friendly place, to let them know better an important piece of the European history.
I suggest you make a stop along the lake shores: well-kept as the rest of the estate, is also populated by many animals including a pair of swans that do not seem to be afraid or intimidated by people who approach him intrigued and amused by his picture.
You can find, of course, all the photos on Flickr and the video on youtube

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