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A trip to the Marmore waterfall

A trip to the Marmore waterfall

Several years have passed since the first time I saw the Marmore waterfall, and maybe that’s why I did not remember it at all. Getting back was like seeing her for the first time, and I could not be more enchanted.
Una gita alla cascata delle Marmore It is a waterfall with a controlled flow, through dams that respond to the hydroelectric plant built by the steelworks of Terni between 1927 and 1929: its difference in the height of 165 meters divided into three jumps, one of which is more lateral than the other two, places it between the highest waterfalls in Europe of its kind. The history of the waterfall, however, begins much earlier than the construction of the plant: the Romans diverted the course of the river Velino to go and throw themselves into the Nera, the main tributary of the Tiber.
Una gita alla cascata delle Marmore In the past few centuries it was not easy to avoid problems due to the imposing flow of water, but today the spectacle of the waterfall leaves visitors speechless.
There are two parking lots for cars, one near the upper Belvedere and the other near the lower Belvedere. The entrance ticket costs 10 euros and also includes a short guided tour that would define more an “introduction to the waterfall”: in about half an hour the waterfall’s history (from the Romans to the present day) is explained while slowly walking up to the nearest Belvedere.
Una gita alla cascata delle Marmore After the explanation, the guide gives the viewers all the appropriate information for those who want to take one of the three paths that develop within the park. For the path one, it takes about half an hour just to get to the top (plus the time to go back), while for path two and path three, from what the guide said, it takes half an hour (for each one) to complete them. The waterfall has short opening times: only from 12:00 to 13:00 in the morning and from 15:00 to 16:00 because it is the two hours when the dam is open and in which, therefore, the flow rate ‘water is at most; these times show its close link with the hydroelectric plant and
Una gita alla cascata delle Marmore there is a siren that sounds about 20 minutes before each opening. What strikes the most the visitors? I believe three aspects, in some ways perhaps even quite obvious: the nature that surrounds it, its beauty and, above all, for the roar generated by the high jump and by the tremendous amount of water that passes through it. Along the way are the toilets, souvenir shops (which also sell raincoats and ponchos for those who do not want to get wet) and refreshment points. There are various trucks- “restaurant” that prepare and sell sandwiches (even with typical products of the area as the Umbrian sausage); some even provide chairs for customers. If you prefer to sit at a table and order from a menu, I suggest you include a visit to the waterfall within a broader tour of the surroundings.
Una gita alla cascata delle Marmore I suggest, to conclude this short post, to get there ready for your visit! That includes waterproof jackets, to avoid dunking and to chill for the cloud of water that you can’t prevent (the jump of 165 meters ago that you spray a lot of water) and non-slip shoes to avoid falling and hurting yourself due to wet road sections. If you also want to follow one of the three routes, I don’t need to specify it, prepare yourself a pair of suitable shoes!

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