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Galleria Borghese in Rome: my advice for a visit

Galleria Borghese in Rome: my advice for a visit

The Galleria Borghese is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful museums in Rome and for many years I wanted to come back to see it because it is one of those museums that I saw as a child and that I absolutely did not remember.
Address: Piazzale Scipione Borghese 5, inside Villa Borghese (the full name of the park is Villa Borghese Pinciana).
Visiting hours: at 2 hour time intervals, from 9 am to 6 pm. On Thursdays, usually, the closing time is at 21:00.
Tickets: must be bought on time. At each hour of entry, they can access the museum only a few people at a time and will have 2 hours to visit the gallery. The fact that there are few tickets on sale (compared to requests) means that they are sold out in a few days! I moved about 2 weeks in advance, buying the tickets online (22 euros each plus the pre-sales of 2 euros), but you can try to go directly to the ticket office and see for when they have the first availability. NB: To get to the ticket office you have to go down a short staircase which is accessed from a small door “next” to the stairs leading to the entrance of the museum. On the same floor are also the wardrobe, the bar, the shop and the bathrooms.
Bags: you have to leave your bag to the wardrobe (free) along with several other things like selfie sticks.
Cameras: after making the purchase online I received a voucher (for the withdrawal of tickets) on which was reported a statement that prohibited to bring cameras. In reality, however, you can take them with you! The important thing is that you do not use the flash.
Admission time: it is printed on your ticket. The check-in staff at the entrance will let you enter with precision “per minute”, according to the booked time, so put your soul in peace: you will join in at the marked time, and you will have to go out within the next two hours! And no, there is no room for shrewdness.
The museum is structured on two floors: on the entrance floor (first floor) there is the sculpture section, while on the first floor there is everything related to painting (and something of sculpture). The rooms take their name, in most cases, from the main work that is exhibited there! For example the Sala Della Paolina is where the sculpture of Paolina Borghese is located, the Hall of Apollo and Daphne is where it is found the statue of the same name and the Sala del sole takes its name from the “fall of Fetonte” painted in the centre of the vault (this is the room where you find the statue of David). Numerous, among those exhibited, the works created by famous names such as Caravaggio, Tiziano Vecellio, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Rubens and Raffaello.
Although only “360” people are admitted every two hours, there will certainly be some moments when the rooms will seem terribly crowded (especially the smaller ones). I can only suggest you arm yourself with patience, taking into account that you still have two hours to complete the visit! There will also be groups on a guided tour that will certainly engage a room for much longer than individual visitors: do not huddle with them to sneak in, it’s not worth it! If you have arrived at the beginning of the two hours at your disposal, you have plenty of time to wait (unless, of course, they stay in the same place for “too much” time). For all useful information, as I always do in these cases, I refer you to the Gallery official website.

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