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A trip to the Posta Fibreno lake – Rome surroundings

A trip to the Posta Fibreno lake – Rome surroundings

Do you know the lake of Posta Fibreno? Today I will take you to discover this beautiful lake, about an hour
Vista del lago and a half’s drive from Rome and within the homonymous natural reserve. We left the car not far from the “Lago Chiaro Chalet” (Via S. Venditto 24, 03030 Carpello FR), where for 23 euros in two we ha: an appetiser (in two) and two pasta dishes. The lake immediately shows its extraordinary beauty and the exceptional colours of its water. We started for the walkway that runs around the lake just after eating, and at every corner, there is a glimpse, an animal or a noise that attracts our attention and curiosity.
La splendida acqua del lagoWe walk practically alone, apart from a grandfather with his granddaughter, and while we notice on the bottom boats and fishing gear sunk and abandoned to their fate: now, all these boats are in harmony with the sea floor making it particular and partly surreal. You will be able to skirt the lake thanks to a walkway-driveway that makes it practically around and from which you can see all the wooden houses that serve as fixed locations for photographers and birdwatchers.
Nutria in cerca di cibo At the level of fauna, the Posta Fibreno lake is a place that offers a lot, especially at the level of birds. But if you pay attention, you can also do other meetings: for example small nutria looking for something to eat. I suggest you come here to spend a day of relaxation and tranquillity surrounded by nature, away from the chaos of the city and the stress of long working days.
Primi scorci del lago If you are passionate about photography, it could also become a place from which you will be able to come away with several exciting shots (in fact, let’s say beautiful). During the holiday season, such as Easter and Christmas, it seems to be crowded: I recommend it during the weekends, days when the crowd is still present, but the lake is still livable without being retreated in the total delirium with thousands of people arrived here for a relaxing spot.

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