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A visit to the Pozzuoli solfatara

A visit to the Pozzuoli solfatara

The solfatara official website reports the notice of the closure to the public. The date of reopening has not yet been announced.

The solfatara of Pozzuoli, the door of the underworld, is a very particular place, I would dare to say almost magical. I discovered his existence by chance, and I was pleasantly surprised.
La vegetazione all'entrataHow to get there: if you arrive on the motorway, you have to take the ring road of Naples up to the exit n.11 (Agnano) and from there follow the signs to Pozzuoli and “Vulcano Solfatara”. It isn’t difficult to find it, there are indications, even if some rounds can be deceived because of work;
Entrance Ticket: 7 euros;
Maps and directions: There is a map well done at the beginning of the driveway that takes visitors to the area of the solfatara. Along the way, then, there are all the indications you need during the visit. The route is “quite obligatory” and will take you to the exit road once you have finished your tour. On the information leaflet that is given when making the ticket, there is also a small map of the Solfatara, where the various
il panoramapoints of interest are marked.
Duration of the visit: it takes about 45/50 minutes to complete the journey in its entirety, also going very calm and quiet (if then, like me, you love taking pictures you could take a few minutes more, and I assure you that there you will regret nothing). We are talking about a place with a “lunar” panorama, a very particular panorama that, in my opinion, can only hit visitors. The shower heads of the various “mouths” are a particular show. (very) hot, very peculiar smell (that of sulfur, of course) and also very noisy, which I didn’t expect.
la zona dei fanghi Extraordinary is the mud area, which simmers and creates, thus, “a unique show in an equally unique place”. I warn you already: the smell that comes from this area of the solfatara is even stronger, particular and even more annoying than sulfur solfatara! A last, small, particular (not at all meaningless) before concluding this story: once you are inside, look around, and you can see perfectly the shape of the crater of the volcano, now extinguished, inside which is the solfatara!
Il limite della zona dei fanghi This aspect is what, probably, struck me even more (yes, more of the particularity of the landscape and more of the strong smell of sulfur that follows the visitors throughout the tour), combined with the fact that, today, inside of the crater grows of vegetation. Why did they hit me more than other things? Because it makes the location even more surreal. What else to tell you about it? Nothing, if not repeat to visit this place that seems “outside the normal world”, which leaves breathless, and is an essential piece for me to discover and understand the area of the Campi Flegrei.

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  1. Hello, when did you visit? On the official website it says it has been closed since 2017. I would love to visit this area. Thank you

    1. I went some years ago. I will see for some more information about that ūüôā

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