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Salina: personal opinions and useful information

Salina: personal opinions and useful information

With about an hour’s journey by fast hydrofoil, we moved from Stromboli to Salina, where we spent the last four days of our holiday on the Aeolian Islands. After having told you about the useful information and my opinions and ideas about Stromboli, today I’ll talk about the idea that I made of Salina and some helpful news for those who want to visit (also) this island.
-> Between Stromboli and Salina, the latter is the island that I liked least: although Salina is still lovely (and this is undeniable), Stromboli remains an extraordinary island. Salina, in some aspects, resembles many other Italian islands that have become holiday resorts. What Salina seems to be is quite a “place for chic vacationers”.
-> At Salina, of volcanic origin like all the Aeolian Islands, the vegetation on the hills reaches up to the top (as opposed to Stromboli where, along with the slopes of the ever-active volcano, the plant stops quite abruptly about halfway);
-> In Salina is admitted the use of the car, unlike Stromboli where, as I told you in the post written on vacation, at most, there are appellate, electric cars and scooters (so small enough to drive in the tiny streets of the island );
Santa Marina: il mare -> In contrast to Stromboli, in Salina there is public lighting in the streets! So in the evening, it’s certainly easier to get around;
-> Salina, unlike Stromboli, has a “true” port and not a simple pier equipped for docking ships and ferries of all sizes (even the large ones that travel during the night);
-> The beaches here are almost only rocks (Stromboli is easier to find stretches of sand). If you prefer beaches only and exclusively sandy Salina is not for you! You can avoid the “problem rocks and pebbles in the sea” with shoes or rock boat (I saw a lady with boat shoes and seemed to have no problems, so I suggest this alternative);
-> The evening life is practically zero or almost. Perhaps, this was because I went at the beginning of June and, therefore, probably the problem is that it is not yet high season;
-> Salina is certainly cheaper than Stromboli;
-> Here it is certainly useful to have your transport (you can rent a car or a scooter directly on the island). Gasoline, however, is not cheap, since the only gas station I saw sold it at 1,848 euros per litre. In Santa Marina, there is an agency that rents cars and scooters, and I have seen many advertising posters of agencies;
-> If you do not want to have the “weight” of a car to be driven around you do not have to worry. The consortium C.O.T.R.I.L. manages the courier service that practically goes around the island. The times are at the stops even if you have to admit that it is not immediate to understand them! The times of holidays had to “expire” at the end of May, but do not despair because they are still valid and you can always ask the drivers what time the next bus passes. To get to Pollara, you have to get off at Malfa and change buses;
-> The bus ticket is made by the driver when you go up (which is why, often, they arrive slightly behind schedule). The costs are variable and depend on the length of the route you want to do:
Santa Marina -> Malfa and Malfa -> Pollara 1.80 euros (each);
Pollara -> Santa Marina (single ticket, “stopover” always in Malfa) 2.40 euros (it is worthwhile, therefore, to make a single ticket);
Santa Marina -> Rinella: 2.70 euros per person. The most expensive, but it is practically the tour of the island;
-> Bus drivers have a guide that I would call “sporty”. If you suffer from car trouble then pay attention (I tell you because it has bothered me too, that I do not suffer any means of transport);

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