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Cyprus: The beaches near Paphos

Cyprus: The beaches near Paphos

For those who still do not know, I have been in Cyprus for 12 days and I spent these days in Paphos. During my holiday   I decided to go to 4 beaches near Paphos and, in this post, I’ll talk about 3 of these (I avoided the Paphos municipal beach: there is no sand and I don’t like rocky beaches). All these beaches can be reached with buses from Karavella staton or “harbour” station..
La spiaggia di Coral beach For two of these beaches (Coral bay and Petra tou Romiou) you need to take only one bus, for others (like the beach of the Baths of Aphrodite) you have to take two different buses I begin with Coral Bay. To get there you have to take the bus 615 leaving from the “harbour” station. I always get down to the last stop (if you want there is another beach at the stop before). You find just off to your left, the restaurant (it doesn’t accept credit cards) and on the right, a little further, the stairs to go down the beach. The sunbed & umbrella cost 2.5 euro each. If you have your own umbrella (and chair) you can put them where you want without paying (of course!). It is a sandy beach, blue of the water is very beautiful and the sea is hot. When you find a lot of people in the water, the water looks dirty even if it is not: it’s due to the fact that it is a sandy beach.
La spiaggia di Petra tou RomiouPetra tou Romiou is, instead, a “stone beach”. You can get there directly by bus, with the  631 departing from the harbor station in Paphos. There is only a kiosk also quite expensive. If you do not have your “beach gear”, It’s better if you arrive early: there are not sunbeds and umbrella to pay for and you have to seat where you can in the rocks’ shadow and if you arrive too late you will not find any shady spot). The water is quite cold, as the stony bottom; the water colour is simply beautiful.
Bagni di Afrodite: la spiaggia e l'acqua cristallina The last beach I’m going to talk about is the one at the  of Aphrodite’s Baths. To get here you have to take two buses : the first one is the 645 from Paphos (Karavella station) to Polis Chrysochous and the 622 from Polis Chrysochous to the Baths of Aphrodite. This beach is, among those I’ve seen, the one I preferred and and the one that I most recommend you visit. If you do not have your own equipment you have to arrive early enough: the beach is very small and sun beds and umbrellas end immediately (even with the space ). The water is very beautiful, especially the colors of the water: from the bar/restaurant you can really admire them . I leave some photos for you to see what I can’t express with words.

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